The fight began, many women were saying, with the body, which seemed to be the b

The fight began, many women were saying, with the body, which seemed to be the beginning of the exploitation of women, as a sex play-thing (weak and incompetent), as pregnant, women, (helpless), as middle aged women, (no longer considered beautiful) as older women (to be ignored, set aside). A biological prison has been created by men and society. As Adrienne Rich said (Of Women Born): “Women are controlled by lashing us to our bodies.” Assess the validity of this statement. Is this theme more valid today? Why or why not?
Attention! My high school is extremely liberal and politically correct. I’m pretty sure that my History teacher is a very liberal person ( definitely far-left in terms of politics) and strongly supports feminism. I’m also a liberal, and I consider myself a feminist too ( but definitely not too extreme, just moderate!). I’m a female if that matters. And I would like this essay to have a liberal tone, but also not men-blaming or society-blaming. All 4 body paragraphs should follow TEAC format. This essay is worth 100 points 🙁 I attached my Essay Outline below. I would really appreciate it if you follow the guidelines. My bullet points in each paragraph is just brainstorming, and you really don’t have to select all of them. Here are my resources for this essay. My teacher strongly recommends us to use evidence from these resources, but it is still okay if some (only some) evidences are not related to this.
The Cult of True Womanhood: The Seneca Falls Convention 1848:
A Brief Summary of the First Wave of Feminism:
Women’s Suffrage:

The Waves of Feminism and why people keep fighting over them explained:
Margaret Sanger:
Birth Control Pill:
The Battle over Roe v Wade
Title IX :

Should women be eligible for the draft:
Why Hasn’t the Equal Rights Amendment been Ratified?
#Metoo: How it is changing the World:
Women Portrayed in the Media:

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