Please watch the video:

Please watch the video: 
and then answer the questions below:
Dictionaries generally define the term strength as referring first to the condition of being physically strong or having endurance and secondarily as a good or beneficial quality or attribute.  This second meaning is more relevant to our class, but is somewhat different from how both the Gallup organization (as described in Rath (2007) and Marcus Buckingham (see the video listed in the Lecture Notes) define strength.
How does the Gallup/Rath definition of a strength compare to Marcus Buckinghams definition as well as to the traditional dictionary definition?
Do you feel that the Gallup/Rath and Buckingham definitions of a strength are useful from an individual development perspective? 
Why or why not?
Given your understanding of the StrengthsFinders purpose and what it measures, if you were managing a small team of direct reports who took the assessment, how would you want to use the results? 
What steps would you take to ensure that you use the assessment appropriately and ethically?

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