Consumer Behavior: Final PaperThe due date is currently set for noon on May 13 b

Consumer Behavior: Final PaperThe due date is currently set for noon on May 13 but that will be reset once the dates for final exams are announced.Select a product or product family and have it approved by the instructor.For the chosen product, select a target audience that is not a market segment to which you belong. (You should include this with your request for approval of the product.)Paper requirements:Executive summaryDetailed product description discussing all elements of the marketing mix in its current state.Customer analysisProvide a comprehensive demographic breakdown of the members of your target audience. (It is likely that your target audience will need to be divided into subsegments. If this is the case, concentrate on no more than three subsegments.)Conduct a cultural analysis of the target audience, including a detailed discussion of their:Values and normsNon-verbal Communications tendenciesSocial StructureEthnic, regional, and religious subculture affiliationsAttitudes and behaviors relative to family and householdsLifestyleGroup influencesExplore and discuss the reference groups, brand communities, opinion leaders, and media outlets that influence your target audience relative to your product. Be sure to introduce appropriate theories of influence and discuss each group’s power to provide informational, normative, and identification influence.Competitive analysisIdentify and describe the top competitors for your product. (At least 5, no more than 10)Compare and contrast the features and benefits of each product in the competitive set, including your product. This can be accomplished most efficiently by creating a table accompanied by a descriptive paragraph.Identify 1-3 feature pairs for the competitive set based on what you know of the target audience and create 1-3 corresponding perceptual maps. Each map should be briefly explained.Marketing analysis and strategyDiscuss how you would use the marketing mix elements (product, price, promotion, and distribution (place)) to influence each stage of the consumer decision-making process.This section should be organized by stage in the decision-making process and discuss your marketing mix strategy for each stage. (Note: all four Ps may not be relevant in each stage.)Throughout this section, be sure to discuss the impacts and uses of the concepts and theories discussed in class. The following is a partial list of relevant concepts and theories. You do not need to discuss all of them but think about having a good balance of breadth (number of concepts addressed) and depth (amount of detail provided for each concept.)PerceptionLearning and memoryProduct positioningMotivation, Personality, and EmotionBrand personalityCommunicationsEmotionAttitudesAppealsThe paper should be in APA format.No fewer than tenprofessional/trade and scholarly sourcesmust be used. Popular and “informational” sources may be used, but they will not be counted toward the required ten. Also, at least three of your sources must be from scholarly publications.The paper should be approximately 2500 words long and included various visual elements.

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