*Explain why this assignment is an important and relevant one to do for this cla

*Explain why this assignment is an important and relevant one to do for this class.
*Describe how you collected the information for this paper. Do you think this was a good way to collect the information?
*Are there any problems with your information because of the way you gathered it?
*What is your current health status?
*Discuss both positive and negative health issues. Explain why they are appropriate examples or issues to be discussing in the particular area of health you are discussing (ie., why is this a physical health issue), especially if it is a health issue that could be discussed in more than one place.
*Include health-related habits and behaviors as well as illnesses or conditions.
*Overall, is your health status good or bad? Why do you think so?
*Describe your family’s health status
*DO NOT just list every individual and their health issues.
*Provide over all trends and patterns. Give percentages. Summarize the information.
*For example: what percentage of the family members have particular health habits or illnesses?
How many generations is that health issue or habit present in? Are there gender differences?
Are they learned behaviors or hereditary issues?
*Discuss what impact your family has had on your current and future health status.
*Are there health problems you are at higher risk of contracting/being exposed to?
*Are there positive/negative habits you have picked up from being around them?
*Is there information about your family’s health you don’t have that you wish you DID have? Why or why not?
*Is there information you wish you did NOT know about? Why or why not?
*Did they support you in starting and/or maintaining positive or negative health habits? (for example, attended all your activities, bought you your first pack of cigarettes, etc.)
*Are there behaviors you need to change because of what you learned? Why or why not?

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