. This assignment will require a fully developed written strategic management pa

. This assignment will require a fully developed written strategic management paper on the designed company
Research Paper
The final paper should be written in essay form and not bullet points, where (APA) headings are acceptable. The paper should not contain more than one block quote and not over two quotes per page. Students should paraphrase as much as possible. Students should use at least 5 peer-reviewed sources within in the last 5 years. Please do not use blogs, Wikipedia, ghostwriters, or past assignments. However, other business sources can be used, but not limited to for example, (Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, Black Enterprise, Bloomberg Business Week).
Each of the below components is required to be included in the final paper. However, it is encouraged for students to expand on these topics using learning and terminology from the strategic management discipline. The topic areas include:
Mission Statement
Description of the Organization (Location, target market, product or service)
Innovation (Artificial Intelligence)
Strategic Leadership (Transformational, Transactional, Emotional Intelligence)
Corporate Culture (Humanistic, Empathetic, Paternalistic, Materialistic, etc.)
Competitive Environment
The Strategic Management paper has 7 main sections, which must be covered. APA format is required. 2500 words
Company Mission Statement
The company’s mission statement explains what your business is trying to achieve. For internal decision-making, the mission statement guides employees to make the right decisions, which should be in sync with helping the company achieve its mission. For external parties, such as partners, investors, and customers, your mission can motivate them to take the actions you want.
Description of the Organization
Here are some guiding questions, but you are not limited to just these questions. Where do we compete? Where does the organization operate? What type of organization is it?(Service, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Marketing, Software, etc.) What is the goal of the company?
Innovation is a key part of the firms’ efforts to achieve success with their strategies, which means that information and technologies play vital roles. Good strategy almost always involves an innovative mindset within the organization. Many firms have taken on the motto of innovate or die. In this paper, explain how innovation fits into the corporate structure of your organization. Provide unique details of how innovation would be a tool to develop the company and sustain its value. It is your company, so synthesize your learning with your corporate structure and how you see the organization maintaining sustainability.
Strategic Leadership
Strategic Leadership is based on power and influence. How leaders motivate followers is an important aspect in the organization’s success. Leadership over people is exercised when people with motives and determination come together for a common purpose, using available resources to arouse, engage, and satisfy the needs of followers. How does leadership impact your organization?
Corporate Culture
Culture has traditionally been defined as the way we do things around here. It involves people and the unique quality of the organization. A successful organization is defined by the strength of the organization. In this paper, describe the corporate culture. How does the culture impact the organization to help with gaining a competitive advantage?
It is often challenging to discuss strategic management without a discussion on globalization. Globalization involves the connectivity of people, goods, services, intelligence, marketing, and technologies around the globe. It is the unique access to doing business anywhere in the world. Discuss how globalization fits into the corporate structure of your organization. Demonstrate how it impacts the organization.
Competitive Environment
At the core of strategic management is competition. Strategic management rests on gaining a competitive advantage over other organizations that occupy the company’s market space. In your paper discuss the competitive environment. How do you see changes within the industry that will impact your organization’s ability to continue to compete and gain market share?
You should include all the components of the paper listed in the assignment
description including (Mission Statement, Description of the Organization,
Strategic Leadership, Corporate Culture, Globalization, Competitive
This paper must be 2500 words not including the title page or references in
APA format

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