Select one book that reached The New York Times bestseller list. You may choose

Select one book that reached The New York Times bestseller list. You may choose any bestseller that we did not read for this course that is not part of a series we read. (For example, since we are reading the first book in the Harry Potter series, you may not read any of the later books in the series.)
Explain why that book is popular.
Analyze how this book has influenced the larger culture.
Support your reasoning with evidence.
That’s the whole assignment, but let me say a bit more about each element of the assignment, to give you something to work with.
Length: Notice that the assigned length is 1500-2000 words not counting quotations or references. If you include 300 words of quoted material, you still have 1500-2000 words to work with to complete your analysis. (No abstract is required for this paper, but if you choose to include one, that won’t count towards the length of the paper either.)
Research Requirements: You must use at least five credible outside sources. That means you can’t use something like Wikipedia, or someone’s blog. These should be five solid, credible sources in addition to your chosen book. You are free to use more.
Topic: You must write about any book that reached The New York Times bestseller list that we did not read, or that is not part of a series we read. This means you cannot write about a book that never reached the list.
Popularity: Your first task is to explain why this book is popular. Why do people like this book? And what is your evidence?
Influence: Once you’ve explained why your chosen book is popular, explain what influence it has had on the larger culture. This will take some analysis. Think about this analysis this way: how did people act differently after reading this book? What changes did this book create in their lives?
Some examples from outside our class might help. The 19th century book Uncle Tom’s Cabin was highly influential in ways that went beyond entertaining individual readers. It was about slavery, and it produced speeches on it and editorials. People made the book into plays–without the author’s consent. (They stole it, in other words.) Other people wrote entire books answering it. Theater companies toured the country playing nothing but this play, over and over, for decades.
For more on this book, see this site:
But in general, you are to talk about how the book influenced any aspect of the larger culture. The television series Friends had women cutting their hair like Rachel: that’s an example of influence. The television series Star Trek has people in the real world learning Klingon; that’s an example of influence.
Format: Please use standard APA format.

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