A government assignment All. If you absolutely CANNOT find anyone who will allow

A government assignment
If you absolutely CANNOT find anyone who will allow you to do the community service project, here is the alternate assignment. Keep in mind that
those doing the assigned project will be spending 4-6 hours with the person/organization, plus several hours writing their paper. Thus, this assignment
represents a minimum of 6 hours of work as the alternate.
You are to research the careers, government accomplishments and government/political failures of Jerry Brown (former Gov of California) and
Andrew Cuomo (former Gov of New York). In a 5-8 pages paper, address all of the following (do not number these in your paper … you are to
write an essay that addresses them all in whatever order makes sense to you, but this is not a short answer for each question below):
1. Was there anything unusual in the politics of each state that led to these men being elected?
2. What were the greatest political accomplishments of each man while in office? Who benefited, how and why from these accomplishments?
3. What were the greatest political failures of each man while in office? Who suffered most from these failures, how and why?
4. Under what circumstances did each man leave their position as governor? Be sure you explain any personal, political or legal issues fully.
5. What similarities (if any) do you see in their situations, and could one man have learned anything from the other?
6. How did their tenures as governor of their respective states change state politics or laws (whether for better or worse)?
It’s important to understand that both men have been in politics for a long time. Do not get stuck with research that ends ten years ago for
both (or either). You need to be looking for sources all the way up through this year.
This essay must include correctly formatted in text citations, a correctly formatted and alphabetized works cited list, and fill a minimum of 5
full pages (double spaced). You may not double return between paragraphs, and must use 12pt Ariel or Times New Roman font. You may not
insert any pictures or graphs into the body of the paper; however, if you wish to add an Appendix after your Works Cited that contains such
information, you may refer to it in the essay (i.e. “see results of the 2011 California poll in the Appendix”). If you fail to use correctly formatted
citations or works cited entries, you will receive an automatic 50 point deduction. No exceptions.
Please check your essay carefully for issues of grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, etc. I strongly suggest you submit the essay to the
Brainfuse Writing Lab (using the Brainfuse Tutoring link on the left) at least 72 hours before the due date, so that you have time to make
suggested corrections. You may use citations and works cited generator apps such as easybib.com or zotero, but be careful to look and see if
the items produced have “n.d” or “n.p” everywhere, and insert the correct website publisher and/or date the website was published (or the article, if you have it) in place of those abbreviations. While I will happily help you figure out what a comment from the Writing Lab means, or
look at a citation/works cited entry for correctness, I will not edit the essay nor tell you if it will receive a passing grade. Send it to the Writing
Lab and pay attention to what changes they suggest.
As this is the alternate assignment, there is no formal rubric. However, as a general rule,: here is what you should expect in terms of
Research: Did you answer all the questions fully, using academic sources (no .com sites), and did you justify your responses with carefully
explained details?
Organization: Is the information presented in a way that makes sense, and flows logically from topic to topic? Are paragraphs used
appropriately, so that each topic is clearly defined? Is there an introductory paragraph that ends with the thesis sentence for the essay? Is
there a conclusion paragraph that summarizes the findings of the essay, but does not repeat what has already been said?
Citations/Works Cited/Mechanics: Are in text citations present, and both used and formatted correctly within the essay wherever
appropriate? Is there a correctly formatted and alphabetized works cited list (NOT URLs) that mirrors the citations used? Is the essay free of
any significant spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, or other mechanical issues?
This is a 200 point assignment, so Research counts 70 points, Organization 70 and Mechanics 60.
Here are some starting points for your research. You MUST add additional sources from your own research
https://hac.bard.edu/amor-mundi/leadership-brown-Vscuomo-2012-01-19 m
https://www.cato.org/white-paper/fiscal-policy-report-card-americas-governors-2018 27

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