To what extent we know that stalking IS a in implication of criminal offense – t

To what extent we know that stalking IS a in implication of criminal offense
– this is not a yes or no question
– Will attach the powerpoint for this lecture
– will attach rubric (please follow)
– will attach an example essay
– will attach assessment powerpoint (it is QUESTION 3)
– use research papers attached
– use articles and research papers other than attached also
-Only academic journals, peer reviewed, books
– on the “stalking assessment” document please follow the structure written,(attached is an example essay that outlines the structure it should follow) I will attach an example of the structure :
Topic sentence / claim
elaboration and referencing
critique (either strength or weakness)
Future suggestions/implications: why is the implication mentioned important? (does not have to be for every paragraph) example included in assessment brief
– use references throughout paragraph not only in elaboration part
– seminar presentation shows examples of how to write
– main arguement: focus more on how stalking is an implication (issue) for criminal offense
– please also use the arguments written in the “stalking assessment” provided (definition of stalking, the word “fear”, gender differences) and from the slides
-Balance argument (aware of other side)
– ONE point per paragraph
– implications can also be strengths not only weaknesses (ex: THEORIES, sub-types)
Theories that receive merit for why stalking is considered a criminal offense (main theory: definition of stalking)
– introduction and conclusion: ONE paragraph
-Intro: Broad and generic but not too much
– intro: show what main argument is from start
-Always link to question
-Ariel font
– 1.5 spacing
-2000 words
Comments from Customer
Critically evaluate the implications of stalking as a form of criminal offence. Support your arguments with reference to theory and research.

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