Question 1  Technology has changed the way functions are performed in the law of

Question 1 
Technology has changed the way functions are performed in the law office. Which function has been the least affected by technology?
Question options:
interviewing clients and witnesses
researching case law
maintaining client billing records
maintaining client information
Question 2 
What is the trend in computers and computer devices:
Question options:
to return to the mainframe computer model
toward light weight, portability, and extended battery life
to move away from Web-based programs
toward larger systems with smaller networks
Question 3 
This term has become a buzzword for shipping work out of the office or out of the country to save money.
Question options:
Voice recognition software
Smoking Gun
Remote Access
Question 4
Why is the quantity of documents increasing in litigation?
Question options:
Corporations are acquiring more storage space for paper documents.
Employees are keeping more hard copies of documents in binders in the office.
Electronically stored information has reduced retention costs.
Companies now have paper quotas per employee.
Question 5 
Larger law offices, corporate legal departments, and government offices usually have a technical support staff called the following:
Question options:
Commercial Litigation Department
Information Technology Department
Electronic Repository
Administrative Support Professionals

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