When doctoral students complete their coursework, they enter the capstone study

When doctoral students complete their coursework, they enter the capstone study phase (i.e., dissertation or DSW capstone project). In this phase, doctoral social work students plan and write their dissertation or DSW capstone study. It is a much more autonomous endeavor, where students work independently to plan their research study and receive feedback from their chair and committee members.
The doctoral capstone phase is less structured compared to coursework because there are not necessarily specific assignments due each week. As a result, using time management to find the right school-life balance is key to the success of doctoral students. To complete your study in a timely manner, you will have to self-regulate. In other words, you must develop a habit of spending time on your doctoral capstone project. You will need to schedule yourself tasks on a daily basis to gradually chisel away at your dissertation or DSW capstone project.
Behavioral theory can be used to frame time management. In particular, self-regulation theory has helped guide understanding of the time it takes for doctoral students to complete dissertations (Kelley & Salisbury-Glennon, 2016). This theory focuses on the process by which students set tasks and goals and then choose to monitor and regulate their motivations, cognitions, and behaviors in order to achieve those goals (Kelley & Salisbury-Glennon, 2015).
In this Discussion, you begin to think about how you will manage your time to find the right school-life for your doctoral journey, leading up to your doctoral capstone project.
Kelley, M. J. M., & Salisbury-Glennon, J. D. (2015). The role of self-regulation in doctoral students’ status of all but dissertation (ABD). Innovative Higher Education, 41(1), 87–100. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10755-015-9336-5
To prepare
Watch the WellCast video on procrastination, and review the Academic Skills Center method for school-life balance listed in the Learning Resources.
By Day 4
Post a response to the following:
Conceptualize time management using key concepts from behavioral theory.
Develop a plan that incorporates concepts from behavioral theory to manage your time and balance your school and other life priorities, particularly when you reach the doctoral capstone phase.
Evaluate the strengths and limitations of using behavioral theory in developing a time management plan.

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