This should involve the development of a clear and novel business model for addr

This should involve the development of a clear and novel business model for addressing healthcare crisis preparedness globally and domestically as it relates to all elements of the healthcare private sector e.g. medical supplies, private hospitals etc
Expertise in healthcare and business modelling is essential for writing this thesis
The thesis should follow a qualitative methodology, explain the current status of crisis or emergency preparedness globally and domestically, with specific reference to the COVID19 pandemic, and should touch on the current preparedness models from a public sector perspective but more so from a private sector perspective. The thesis should clearly define the business case for a new and better crisis preparedness model that includes the healthcare private sector and expand on that The thesis should then identify the new business model, both at a global level and domestic or national level, and explain that in detail, both from a design point of view and an implementation point of view (including risks and challenges)
The introduction of course should highlight the terrible situation of the current COVID pandemic and how this has become much worse because of the lack of preparedness, given that the human species has faced multiple such pandemics in the past including the spanish flu in 1918. The introduction should also define the concepts of pandemics, COVID19, business models etc that will be used throughout the thesis
The layout of the thesis should be:
(Title Page, TOC, Acknowledgements, Academic Honesty Statement, List of Abbreviations, List of Tables, List of Figures)
• Abstract (layout as in the following link:
• Chapter 1. Introduction
• Chapter 2. Literature Review
• Chapter 3. Methodology
• Chapter 4. Business transformation applications
• Chapter 5. Limitations, reliability and validity
• Chapter 6. Conclusions
• References
• Appendices

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