This is a multi-topic scholarly assignment. Separated by sections with their own

This is a multi-topic scholarly assignment. Separated by sections with their own requirements. Each section has a descriiption and the required amount of pages and sources.
**Communication Plan (2 Pages) (4 Sources)**
Assume you have just been assigned to manage an office renovation project for your company, a project that impacts several departments and several areas of the building. Some of these areas are common areas and are used by more than one department (e.g., printing, mailroom, and break room).
Although the project appears fairly straightforward, there are two challenges which have been made known to you. First, senior management has made it clear that implementing this change must not disrupt day-to-day operations as their customer base depends upon uninterrupted service. Second, you have learned that past projects have resulted in some departments getting correct and timely information while others did not. Demonstrate your understanding of the strategy required to manage communication with sufficient detail to ensure that:
the correct information is delivered;
the correct people receive that information;
information is received at the right time; and
information is received in the right format.
Your write-up should address the initial analysis of what is required, the actual communication activity, and how you ensure that your strategy is both effective and efficient.
**Using Earned Value in a Project Status** (2 Pages)(4 Sources)
You have been hired by Company XYZ (made up company) as the project manager for a retail-space renovation project. The project requires replacing all of the light fixtures in the space, painting the walls and ceiling, and carpeting the floors throughout. Your company has given you a budget of USD $25,000 and the expectation that the project be completed four weeks from its start.
The company requires a status update at the end of each week, until the project is completed. Address the following in your write-up.
Explain why you would use Earned Value calculations to provide a meaningful status report in terms of the cost and schedule components of this project.
What information would Schedule Variance (SV), Schedule Performance Index (SPI), Cost Variance (CV), and Cost Performance Index (CPI) provide you in determining the status of your project?
How would you use BAC, EV, AC, and PV in determining the four measures above?
Finish your write-up with a conclusion on the use and benefit of using earned value analysis in reporting project status.
**Franklin Equipment Ltd.** (2 Pages)(4 Sources)
At the end of Chapter 11, p. 413, in your textbook (Larson Gray, 2017), find the case of Franklin Equipment Ltd. ***SEE ATTACHMENT FOR CONTEXT***
Research the critical aspects of the project management issues of managing teams. You must use and cite scholarly sources.
Address the following questions in a two- to four-page paper. Include the theoretical framework for the issues in the case and address the questions in terms of that framework. For example, what does research show as an appropriate way to assign managers to project teams? Was that process used in this case? What was used? How was this project made more difficult or easy, by its international setting? What factors positively contributed to group performance? What factors negatively contributed to group performance? How did the group try to overcome the negative factors? What should Jobe recommend and why?

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