Personal Reflective Journal. There is 10 different skills. Choose the topic (Ski

Personal Reflective Journal.
There is 10 different skills. Choose the topic (Skill) you would like to reflect on.
You must cover at least three topics from all the 10 topics uploaded.
The rubric for the reflective journal has been uploaded and the questions you might want to follow as a guideline are posted here for you to choose how to reflect your journal by following 5 questions given in this document.
Any reflective journal goes into three phases:
How to start a reflective journal:
What (Descriiption)
Recall an event and write it down descriiptively.
What happened?
Who was involved?
So what? (Interpretation)
Take a few minutes to reflect and interpret the event.
What is most important / interesting / relevant / useful aspect of the event, idea or situation?
How can it be explained?
How is it similar to/different from others?
What’s next? (Outcome)
Conclude what you can learn from the event and how you can apply it next time.
What have I learned? How can it be applied in the future?
Each time we finish a class, you may reflect on that class if you wish by answering the following questions.
Briefly describe a situation that occurred at home, school, or whatever place you were at this week that affected you as an individual (if relevant to the topic you are reflecting on, whether self-awareness, personal stress….etc.)) as a whole.
Why are you describing this incident -did you experience challenges in meeting it? Did you exhibit strengths? Did you learn something?
Is there an overarching issue or problem here? What is the potential value here?
What were you feeling at the time of the incident?
What were you thinking at the time of the incident? Did you have any preconceived ideas? New insights? What was good or bad about the situation?
example: you decided to reflect on the self-awareness topic. take the first question where it determines the situation you were in and how you believe that this situation will help you explore your self awareness, or made you believe that you got confused about your self-image.

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