This is my proposal argument – Reduce the environmental threats our planet faces

This is my proposal argument –
Reduce the environmental threats our planet faces. Human behavior is gradually leading to worsening climatic conditions to which our planet is currently exposed. These actions have resulted in climate change that has had a tragic impact on world security. Due to the climate change caused by human activity, the earth is slowly but surely losing its importance to support the lives of both humans and plants. Climate change has led to the extinction of animal and plant species that would otherwise exist. To mitigate these environmental problems, individuals need to take the initiative to ensure that they change their attitudes about the impact of behavior on the environment by developing sustainable and environmentally friendly activities. Once these sustainable recommendations are updated and implemented, we will benefit ourselves and the planet itself and support life forms that depend on them.
To do this, governments, non-governmental organizations, and individuals need to do the following to save our beautiful God-given planet. First and foremost, we need to promote low-emission energy sources for household and industrial use. Most of the causes of global warming that adversely affect climate change are due to the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These gases come from the burning of fossil fuels such as diesel, gasoline and kerosene. To sustain this, governments need to invest in innovation to ensure that renewable energy sources such as wind, water and solar are properly created. These innovations will create businesses where companies manufacture electric vehicles, appliances, and even solar panels. In addition, the use of woodwork should not be recommended by replacing wood with distillation. This protects the forest, plants more trees, and protects a greater proportion of the forest. This helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions and limit greenhouse gases from the surface of the earth. Strategies such as planting and reforestation should be encouraged by rewarding those who have planted trees to motivate others. Once forests are protected and established, there is sustained rainfall that supports agricultural activities and benefits the population. Synthetic PVC bags are non-renewable and cause pollution in the city and must be unconditionally banned from the ground. They are not biodegradable, so getting rid of them is not easy. Some fish died in the water due to ingestion of these types of substances. Some people try to get rid of them by burning, but this is wrong and needs to be discouraged. Incinerator of waste releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which affects global warming. I urge that once the government adopts these strategies on all continents of the world, it will be able to support our planet and sustainably support people, all other flora and fauna. Doing anything that helps the environment is essential to all living things and people that live on this earth.
Instructions for this assignment –
*Upload the final copy of your proposal argument–900 words with text and title is the minimum word count.
*Remember that the MLA heading, headers, and Works Cited page will not count in the word count for the final essay.
*Be sure that the final paper copy is double-spaced and typed in size 12 Calibri or Times New Roman font. To avoid deductions, you should ensure that you follow MLA-format by referring back to the resources in the Getting Started module. Here is a rundown, though, of the key formatting elements your essay should contain. Make sure your final copy is:
-Has an original title
-This is not the title of another article, the assignment description, or the subject of your essay.
-The title is also not Writing Studio One.
-Repeated submissions of final essays without titles will see deductions.
-Has the proper word count
-The only part of your essay that counts towards the 900 words is the essay text–that is, the essay title and all of its paragraphs.
-While the necessary formatting must be present, the paper heading, page headers, and Works Cited page are not considered part of the final word count.
-Has a separate MLA-Works Cited page, if applicable
-This will be the final page of your essay.
-This is titled Works Cited–not Bibliography, References, or Citations; the title should be centered on the top of the page like that of an essay title.
-In-text citations are also needed for any quoted, summarized, or paraphrased material.
-Has your Last Name and Page Numbers formatted as a header
This running header will be at the top of the right corner of each page.
-Has a 4-line MLA-paper heading
-This is not a page header and should appear only on the first page of your essay.
**Remember to use my proposal argument that I made into an essay of 900 words* *

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