Analyze what the company Scount 24 is doing in response to a current topic (for

Analyze what the company Scount 24 is doing in response to a current topic (for example one of the following: climate change, how they deal with future, their response to Fridays For Future demands, or something else). How can their response be measured? What metrics should be measured and why? What can be learned from this? Is the response unique? What elements are German?
General Information:
–Submission: within our Team under Assignments – turnitin plagiarism checker is turned on
–Abstract: do not include
–A Table of Charts or Illustrations: do not include.
– Bibliography must be included.
–Please use APA style for citations
–At least half of your sources should be no older than 10 years.
–Use at least 10 different sources for the paper. (Example: Company website counts as 1 source)
– Please give short titles of each part so the structure is very clear
Make points clear, accurate, precise, relevant, with depth & breadth, and logical & significant. Be sure to state a clear question that the paper is answering.
This is not a scientific paper but credible and trustworthy sources need to be used (official statistics, EUROSTAT, etc). No: wiki anything, or Grin Verlag. All statements you make, have to be supported by literature sources. Only conclusions, which you infer from the literature which you analyzed, may be without a source.
Please ensure there is a section with analysis, narrow the topic down as much as possible, ensure there isn’t any plagiarism. Analysis does not mean the same as reporting.
Grading Information:
In grading your paper, the main areas to be evaluated include:
1) Factual Coverage of the Topic (Completeness in addressing the topic, Accuracy and extent of individual assessment of the problem, Soundness of the argument, Logic in the subject matter layout, Balance in weighting sub-questions, Differentiation and use of the literary sources)
2) Language (Clarity and strictness of the formulation, Level of expression, Grammatical coverage, Spelling and punctuation)
3) Formal Issues (Structure, cleanliness and completeness, meeting formal requirements: word processing, meeting formal requirements: citing of sources)

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