This is a research paper on a work of art; a song, movie, book, painting, poem,

This is a research paper on a work of art; a song, movie, book, painting, poem, etc. that moves you personally. Your favorite, or one of your favorites. Now you want to “look under the hood” to find out the “behind the scenes” information on how the work was created, and then consider critical reaction to the work in comparison to your own response. The body of the research paper should be as follows: Discuss what makes the work so special to you. Go into detail and “show, don’t tell” – quote from the work, bringing in specific components of the work (for example, lyrics) as evidence and discussing what it special/unique/memorable for you. Then go into some detail about its background – what was the genesis of the work? Do some research and find out what the author has said about the work in interviews, or if an author (not the creator of the work, necessarily) has talked about the work and how it “came to be.” Then talk about the critical reaction to the work. What have people said about it, either positively or negatively? Research opinions on the work, making sure to provide examples of both professional responses to the work (reviews published in magazines, books and newspapers) and non-professional (fans writing on fan pages, blogs, reddit threads, informal YouTube videos). Discuss points you agree with, or points people made you had never thought of until now, and argue with the people who disagree with you. (You MUST find some negative response to the work in this research paper, and then counterargue their position). The paper should have a traditional introduction, conclusion and title. You should remember “The Quote Sandwich” when quoting sources – set up a quote with a proper introduction, provide the quote, whether direct (using quotation marks) or paraphrased/indirect (using your own words), then makes sure to discuss and integrate the quote into the larger paragraph. You should have a minimum of five sources for this paper (not including the work itself, which should also be quoted in the paper). The paper should be a minimum of five paragraphs (it can be more). You will have a Works Cited page at the end of this paper where you list your sources (including the creative work itself) alphabetically in MLA format.

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