It would be best to do the essay in Microsoft Word format (double spaced – 12pt

It would be best to do the essay in Microsoft Word format (double spaced – 12pt Times New Roman or Arial font). There is no minimum or maximum length. However, you must give as much detail as you can. The document containing this essay should
be submitted electronically by attaching it to the Blackboard assignment for the topic that you have
Kant and Pushing the Fat Man Off the Bridge.
A complete answer will address all of the following questions in detail and will be based only on the
information that was presented in class (this is NOT to be a research paper):
1. What was the argument presented in class in defense of the claim that it is not the right thing to do
to push the fat man off the bridge? (Present and explain the reconstruction of the argument I
presented in class and the lecture notes. If there is no reconstruction of the debate in standard
form, numbered premises, and conclusion, the dispute has not been presented).
2. According to Kant, what are imperatives, and how are they essential in evaluating actions from
the moral perspective? Give examples to explain your answer. Explain the difference between
hypothetical and categorical imperatives. Give supporting examples to support your explanation.
Which type are moral imperatives?
3. What is Kant’s fundamental principle of morality, The Categorical Imperative?
4. How does The Categorical Imperative explain why specific actions are wrong? Give examples
to explain how it works.
5. How does Kant’s Categorical Imperative support the argument presented above? Explain
how it supports the claim that the argument you presented above is sound.
I will attach a template of how you should write the essay and a hard copy of sources for the whole pushing the fat man off the bridge analogy, along with the hard copy of the instructions. Thank you!

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