There are myriad definitions of a leader and leadership. As Colby (2018) asserts

There are myriad definitions of a leader and leadership. As Colby (2018) asserts, social work has borrowed leadership theories primarily from the field of business, but business theories for leadership may not be the most aligned for social work. Colby (2018) provides a recommended social work leadership definition that further suggests that social work leaders should create change to address challenges. This connects well with Walden University’s mission to educate scholar-practitioners to bring about positive social change.
In this Assignment, you will connect the ideas around leadership and your conception of leadership with your doctoral journey.
To Prepare
Take the leadership self-assessment found in your Learning Resources and calculate your score.
Review the TED Talk by Drew Dudley found in the Learning Resources.
Review the Colby article found in the Learning Resources.
By Day 7
Write a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses the following:
Identify your specialization.
Briefly explain your reasons and motivations for selecting your specialization.
In 2–3 sentences, summarize your scores from the leadership self-assessment and discuss what these results mean.
In 2–3 brief sentences, evaluate how well aligned the results from the self-assessment are with your perceptions of yourself in leadership.
In 2–3 brief sentences, discuss how a doctorate degree will prepare you to be a leader in the social work profession.
Describe your vision for being a leader in your area of specialization. Explain how your vision ties in with your career aspirations for after you earn your doctorate.
Provide specific examples of how you, as a social work leader within your area of specialization, will implement positive social change.
Using Table 3 in Colby (2018), identify two goals for yourself to further your development related to principles of social work leadership on the individual level. Be sure to use the SMART goal format.

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