Purpose: In this activity, your group will choose an example of a bad business d

In this activity, your group will choose an example of a bad business decision, and then, as a group, you will work through the six-step decision-making process to reimagine a different approach that the organization could have taken. This exercise provides an opportunity for you to apply problem-solving techniques to an urgent and important real-world problem. Through this process, you will start to understand the pressures managers face every day in the course of meeting organizational goals, satisfying customers, and maintaining a good reputation for the company.
Activity Steps:
Step 1: To begin, your team will hold a group meeting either in person or via online video chat. During this meeting, your team may decide to start searching for a suitable subject for your project. Remember, you are looking for a business decision made within the last 10 years that was thoroughly documented and analyzed in news sources or in management journals. Or, your group may decide to do this preliminary research as individuals,and set a date to hold a second meeting when you can discuss your options and choose your example. Either way, your group will need extensive background information on the company and context under which the original decision was made in order to complete the assignment.
Step 2: Once everyone is familiar with the facts of the chosen business situation, you will meet again to reenact the decision-making process. Acting in the roles of the managers at that organization who had to make that specific decision, group members should work through the six-step model from the group’s own perspective. Groups should define the problem, generate alternative solutions, evaluate the options to select an appropriate solution, and so on. Just keep in mind that you can only work from the same facts that were available to the real management team at the time. You cannot incorporate any of the knowledge that was revealed afterward.
Step 3: To complete the assignment, your team will work collaboratively to create a slide presentation of your results, using the presentation software designated by your instructor. In your presentation, your group will need to describe the background of the original decision, as well as the outcomes of the decision. (Remember to cite your sources of information.) You will then want to illustrate the process your team went through in using the six-step method to reimagine the decision. What did you discuss at each step of the decision process? What information did you have or feel you needed? What was your final decision, and why? How does it differ from the real decision? Do you think the outcomes would have been different if your group’s decision had been implemented? Finally, your presentation should conclude with one or more insights that team members learned about the decision-making process from this activity.
Step 4: Use the collaborative workspace to submit the group’s slide presentation to your instructor.
You do not need to create a slide presentation! Just the questions please!

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