1. This class was extremely beneficial to me and just reiterated how important it is to me to become a nurse practitioner. Becoming a Nurse Practitioner is not an easy road it is full of challenges, studying and being a constant student. We will always be learning, transforming and becoming more knowledgeable every single day. This class helped remind me of that. Learning from my peers has been an amazing experience and learning from their posts have helped transform me to become a better nurse. Because of this class I also became more knowledgeable about the political aspects that come with the profession. I know with each and every class I take I will become a better and better nurse and this class was just a stepping stone in that direction. Training and education were directly linked to nurses’ career satisfaction. The importance of lifelong learning was understood and correlated with nurse competency and providing quality patient care which also enhances future career opportunities (Price, 2017). Because of this is why I’m so motivated to continue this drive of continuing my education and becoming the best nurse and nurse practitioner possible. Im very blessed to have taken this class and to learn from my amazing peers and class mates. As we embark on this journey I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone better and continue to learn from each and every one of them.
Price, S., & Reichert, C. (2017). The importance of continuing professional development to career satisfaction and patient care: meeting the needs of novice to mid-to late-career nurses throughout their career span. Administrative Sciences, 7(2), 17.
2.My journey through nurse leadership and health policy has enlightened my understanding on the political aspect and the position that advance practice nurses have in making change for our profession. In the past eight weeks, my legislation language and understanding has grown to include identifying a healthcare challenge, initiating grassroot, advocating awareness, and cosponsoring with other professional organizations (Patton, Zalon, Ludwick, 2019). Identifying my local and state legislative officials (House of Representative/Senator) through correspondence was the most influential assignment in nurse leadership and health policy. I was able to express my support on issues that I felt would benefit present and future advance practice nurses refining the scope of practice in order to maximize their practice full extent, and eventually reach full independent practice authority. Limitations from opposing medical professionals, organizations, and associations are leveraged due to the lack of participation by fellow advance practice nurses. One of my goals, as an advance practice nurse, is to devote and committee myself in advocating awareness to my colleagues, community, and state officials on healthcare issues that require change for more effiency in the industry for improvements to practice, cost reduction, safety, and patient outcomes. Recently, I have joined two professional organizations; South Carolina Nurse Association and Capitol Nurse Practitioners in hopes to make a difference and a change. The mission of these organizations is to represent all other nursing professionals advocate the role to advance practice nurses and to improve health for all (SCNA, 2020).
Patton, R. M., Zalon, M. L., & Ludwick, R. (2019). Nurses making policy: From bedside to boardroom (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company.
South Carolina Nurses Association. (2020). Retrieve from: https://www.scnurses.org/page/AboutSCNA

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