Part 1 – Paraphrasing Paraphrase the two short paragraphs below using the techni

Part 1 – Paraphrasing
Paraphrase the two short paragraphs below using the techniques we learned in class (week 11 course pack / week 10 slides). DO NOT FORGET to cite the original author (Last name, Year) after your paraphrase from the reference information below.
Wild, F. (2019, April 10). What Is Robonaut? NASA.
Paragraph 1 (2 points): Robonaut is a NASA robot. Engineers designed Robonaut to be humanoid, which means it is built to look like a person. This makes it easier for Robonaut to do the same jobs as a person. Robonaut could help with anything from working on the International Space Station to exploring other worlds.
Your paraphrase: 
Paragraph 2 (2 points): Robonaut can function in two ways. Software allows Robonaut to “think” for itself. The people who control R2 can give it a simple task to do and R2 can figure out how to do it. R2’s software can be updated to allow it to do new tasks. R2 can also be operated by remote control. An operator can use a headset to see what Robonaut sees through its cameras.
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Part 2 – Quoting (1 point)
Use the 5 parts of a quote (course pack week 11 pg. 59, and week 10 slides) to quote the underlined sentence from the paragraph below. (Use the same reference information from part 1, there is no page number)
Original Text: NASA is still deciding what the future holds for Robonaut. Robonaut will conduct more tests aboard the space station, and may even take its first steps. This testing would determine how well Robonaut could move around spacecraft environments to help astronauts. Robonaut’s designers even have ideas for sending a robot like Robonaut to future destinations like the Moon and Mars. If testing goes well, who knows where Robonaut—or a better robot based on Robonaut—could end up?
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