Hello, I wrote down everything the professor wanted. Thank you also all the arti

Hello, I wrote down everything the professor wanted. Thank you also all the articles are attached below choose 3 that you like
Essay Question:
Use three of the class readings from three different weeks to describe three ways that sex education can be improved (you should specify which age group you are referring to for each of your three points — such as elementary school children, high schoolers, college-age or older adults – you can choose one age group or multiple age groups). You will need to address issues of 1) consent, 2) pleasure and 3) different cultural realities surrounding sexuality somewhere in your essay.
You must answer the essay question above, please read the prompt carefully. The essay requires 500 to 700 words. This final exam constitutes 25% (or 25 points) of your total grade for the class.
Make sure your essay is clear and concise. You MUST use the readings to support your statements. You can use quotes but make sure they are short. Check spelling and grammar. Make sure you read and address all areas of the prompt. The question can be answered best between 500 and 700 words so there is no need to go over 700 words but you will not be marked down if you go over 700 words.
Please note: Your TurnItIn Originality score may take up to 24 hours to get back to you so please plan accordingly. I check all papers with a similarity score of over 10%. I set the Turnitin settings to ignore quoted material but sometimes it still marks the quotes as part of your similarity score. That is why I check each essay over 10% to see and assess the similarity myself. If I find that you have not cited your writing correctly, I may give you 0 out of 25 points so make sure you use quotes, cite (including having a bibliography), and use your own words in the essays.
You will be graded for the following (in order of importance):
1. focus on the questions posed for the essays
2. using the readings to make your argument
3. having a clear structure to your essay
4. using quotes and citing properly and consistently
5. clarity of writing
6. lack of typos, punctuation, or grammar mistakes

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