Three pages, double spaced, should be sufficient to cover your topic if you have

Three pages, double spaced, should be sufficient to cover your topic if you have succeeded in narrowing it down to a single focus. You should have at least three scholarly references in your bibliography. When you paraphrase or quote a source, use a parenthetical citation referring to the numerical listing of the source in the bibliography. For example, Watkins summarized his study results by saying …..” (3) where Watkins is the third entry in your bibliography. If you use an alphabetical listing of your bibliography, your citation should be Watkins, p. 36)
You do not need to include the Hart-Ksir text in your bibliography. If you reference your text at any point in your paper, simply refer to the cited material with a parenthetical citation in the body of your text (Hart, page 56)
We’re looking for scientific research in this paper, not anecdotal reports or opinion papers.
FIND LITERATURE ON THE IMPACT OF MASS MEDIA CAMPAIGNS ON DRUG ABUSE PREVENTION INTERVENTION by finding at least three scholarly sources to support your investigation.
Your paper should have the following four sections, plus a bibliography.
Your name
Section I: Statement of purpose
This should be a clear statement of your goal in choosing this topic, what you hoped to learn or the question you hoped to answer, and why you thought it was an important enough topic to research. Identify barriers, if any, that you have already identified before you start. One or two sentences should be sufficient.
Section II: Research Findings
Briefly summarize the results of your research. Present the factual findings or data along with analytical remarks about the validity of the source. This section will show your critical thinking about possible bias or attempts at proselytizing on the part of the authors.
Section III: Discussion
This is the bulk of your paper. It should articulate what you learned from your research, whether or not the outcomes were what you expected, or, if you started from a certain position, did the research alter your thinking in any way. Give information and informed opinion. Solutions to problems or your recommendations for resolution should be included in this section.
Section 1V: Conclusions and Resolution
Here is where you give your concluding remarks. Suggestions for future action, logistical considerations, and personal perspectives are appropriate for inclusion in this section.
Include at least three scholarly references to sources published after 2015. Do not use general information sites, .coms, or popular journal-type websites except as supplements to your three core sources. If you cite material from your text, you do not need to include it in the bibliography. Simply use a parenthetical reference after the material – e. g., (Hart, p. 365).

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