My research is intended to examine the various factors that impact the Death Wit

My research is intended to examine the various factors that impact the Death With Dignity Act. This is part 2 of my research study course and we’re adding to the previous research paper which I will attach in additional materials. I will attach the qualitative interviews I conducted as well as my first paper and a draft paper that my professor recently graded along with the final paper instructions please reach out for any further information.
The updated and final research paper should include sections on Topic, Background, Problem Statement, Literature Review, Methodology, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Findings, and Conclusion. Prepare this paper in accordance with APA guidelines, have at least 15 references and be sure to review the grading rubric for this assignment prior to submission.
Lastly I will attach final draft paper and feedback from Professor on submitted final draft paper. I think this will be helpful with Professor guidelines
The major key is we’re taking my original research appear from my 495 class and advancing it to qualitative research, conducted research by emailing interview questionnaires to 4 medical professional participants that I sought out through
Another medical professional participant. Including those interviews and my findings on what the factors are for death with dignity act to be passed. I will include the emailed interviews.

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