Hello, for this I will provide information from the Professor and a sample of ho

Hello, for this I will provide information from the Professor and a sample of how the paper should come out.
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This is meant to be fun. Pretend that the Meiji court got hold of a time machine and sent you on a “Second Iwakura Mission” — this one to New York City in 2021. Write to the emperor explaining what policies you think the new Meiji government (in the 1880s) should implement for its program of modernization.
Throughout my travels around the nation, I have found that it had led to some very confusing yet intriguing ideologies about their nation and as well as our pride that we, shall try to use to modernize. I have landed back in the United States, in a bustling town they call New York City. Many things, as well as people, are happening here, I have learned that there seems to be an illness running rampant throughout the nation. However, I have found that this city, can very much function like our own.
They have various modes of transportation that do not require the use of palanquins but on motors that we can find on steamships. Through an alliance with the United States, they can supply us with what they call it a “car” and there are many of them as well as what they call bicycles to provide faster modes of transport to here and fro. Through the use of cars, especially specific ones made for royalty can provide means of safe transportation without the use of unnecessary guards for they can travel within whilst keeping your privacy with something inside of similar to a screen or a covering. Though this town is very much busy with many flashing lights especially in their main square called Times Square, foreigners/visitors/as well as the American Locals provide food and entertainment as well as shops that are placed on the sides. Merchants are found everywhere, there is even food on wheels! I must say that the states are very much different than our own. If we open up, we too can share our culture with the world – express to the world what it means to be the jewel of Japan.
These “New Yorkers” have underground modes of transportation as well through a system called a “subway”. Though I do not understand how it works – it is plausible that entering through one side we off at another at a different place. This can be very time-efficient., once the system is learned. It is a must and spectacular build that we must implement as well – we have to employ engineers to create such a feat, but once it is created travels would be so much easier. If not underground then above! Interestingly, this place is very much different from the rest of the nation, it has never before changing innovations and assembly halls where leaders from other countries meet to raise concerns, if we attend and create our presence of not being a closed nation – more trade alliances may be offered to us for us to gain the upper hand. It’s absolutely brilliant that this city during this time has such changes that we too can further use to forge ourselves to becoming a more refined kingdom.
There are much more foreigners here than where I have traveled before. They seem very much open to trading as their downtown ports are lined with buildings filled with goods and places where many can rest. Oh, their style of building is very much an interesting concept of its own. They call them “skyscrapers” with layers among layers of floors that can house many people enough to fill a city. Some of these buildings also house different types of merchant stores all in one location, though the streets are packed with them as well, these buildings provide a much more secure place of commerce. They have military men patrolling at all corners of the city – something we must use start to use as these men are employed and equipped with western guns and other means to suppress unruly folk that does not follow their rules. Rather than our self-governance, we can employ our military men to patrol our towns – this would be good to maintain your highness’ consolidation of power. This place is flourishing with trade and foreigners bringing in many goods, These New Yorkers have a certain set of governance where they have a Mayor and a Governor who act in accordance with their President. Because New York is very much like a province they have their own rules in which their rules advocate for the people that act under a series of rulers. The President, however, I found out, that they work together in the coordinating of their judicial and government branch before enacting laws. It’s a complicated system, but we can use trusted advisors from different provinces to gain a better understanding of how each part of the country is acting well in co-ordinance of the new era as responsibilities are distributed equally amongst appointed leaders of their provinces. It seems that our utmost importance of modernization would be to open our brilliant Japan up to other nations carefully so we must not end up like China. We must rise economically to build Japan up technologically and arm our men to protect our people from threats. This will be difficult if Japan is difficult to be trusted and to trust.
Until my return,
Your trusted traveler.

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