Charts/diagrams are provided in the first attachment. PH and electrical conducti

Charts/diagrams are provided in the first attachment.
PH and electrical conductivity/osmolality of pleural fluid measured using a BGA have been used for the detection of postoperative complications.
My research will use a small portable device (developed by a company called NERv) that can attach to chest tubes/JP drains in the plural space in order to detect postoperative complication after thoracic or cardiac surgery.
For demonstration of feasibility, this technology will be tested in a pig study to illustrate the capacity of the technology in measuring the pH and conductivity of aspirated pleural fluid accurately.
Attached is a draft research proposal that can be used as a rubric.
The outline will be as follows:
Section 1: Literature Review
– Overview/Intro. to the different thoracic and cardiac procedures (different surgical procedures that are performed, annual rates of procedures, no. Of post operative complication associates with these procedures, Examples of these postoperative complications (such as esophageal leaks, empyemas, etc.) and their implications (rate of morbidity/mortality)
– How pH and electrical conductivity can be used to detect these complications (typically done by BGA) (talk about the importance of pH and conductivity in diagnosis of such POCs)
– Introduction to pH (what it is), Introduction to ISFET pH sensors and how they work
– Introduction to Electrical conductivity (what it is), Introduction to impedance/conductivity sensors (flexible PCB containing electrodes for fluid conductivity sensing with an FR4 stiffner)
-Value proposition statement discussing how continuous pH sensing can impact patient and Healthcare provider, reduce cost, and patient length of stay.
Section 2: Study Rationale:
– asses the accuracy of a Novel medical device that can continuously measure the pH and EC of drainage fluid.
Section 3: Research Question and Hypothesis
– Outlined in the protocol Attached
Section 4: Methods
– Outlined in the protocol attached
– Statistical Analysis conducted will include t-tests, ANOVA, and blant-Altman analysis
Section 5: Timeline
– as In example proposal attached
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