APA or MLA research style must be used. First person point of view should NOT be

APA or MLA research style must be used. First person point of view should NOT be used in this paper (when needed, refer to yourself in the third person as “the practicum student”).
The final paper should be a formal term paper with all of the following elements included:
A type-written, double spaced, 12 point Arial or Times New Roman font paper with minimum length: 10 pages, plus applicable appendices and reference page.
Introduction, along with the goals (objectives) of your project.
How you planned the project, including a review of the resources used (journal articles, agency reports, pamphlets, etc.).
The content of your project. This should include supporting project documents. Examples can be graphs, pictures, survey questions, data, tables, brochures, etc. These should be included in APA/MLA style for tables/figures or appendices. Appendices, tables, figures, title pages, and references pages are not included in the minimum length of your paper.
A summary of any evaluations done by recipients or participants, as well as your own evaluation of what worked, did not work, etc.
Reference pages at the end with a listing of resources used (books, articles, agency lists, etc.).
References are to be listed in APA or MLA style. Scholarly references should include: peer reviewed journals, government publications/data, edited books and textbooks.
6 or more scholarly references are required.
Additional other references (agency documents, websites, brochures, etc.) may be used, above and beyond the scholarly requirement.
My project was that I worked at a mortuary and worked with families surrounding their grief. I would like a 10 page paper talking about grief of a death and you can just guess what it would be like working with families like that.

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