You will choose a current social trend, referred to as a topic, that is impactin

You will choose a current social trend, referred to as a topic, that is impacting society that interest you. You will conduct a review on the trend and discuss the sociological impact it has on society and you.
Minimum of 5 reviewed and minimum of 3 citations must be cited in the paper
 You must apply one of three founding sociological perspectives to your topic, (Functionalist Theory, Conflict Theory, Symbolic Interactionism) as reviewed in class and in your Introduction to Sociology course. When discussing your topic, you will simply identify which perspective fits and why.
 Identify how the media portrays your topic of interest, i.e., describe the media’s coverage or lack of coverage.
 Identify if your social trend you selected is a problem for society? In what way? Or if not a problem, in what way is it an advantage? What role did the media play in this?
 In addition to including one of the three founding sociological perspectives, describe how your research on this topic enhance your sociological imagination, (state how your viewpoint changed or what you learned about the topic that made you think differently about the topic, or how your perspective on it was enhanced and why, do not state that it stayed the same!) (C. Wright Mills)
 Conclude by reflecting on how you can be a catalyst for change in some way, simply stated what can you do to make a difference?
 You are free to reflect openly in your conclusion as you feel comfortable.

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