Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications writing question and need an expl

Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.This Reflection assignment requires that you work with another person (not a classmate).This Reflection is about parenting styles. We all had some kind of parenting style used on us. You might have grown up in a traditional one or two parent family. You might have grown up in a Foster Care family. You might have been adopted, or have been homeless for part of your youth. Regardless, you almost certainly had some adult acting in a parenting role at some point. That parent/adult used one or more of the parenting styles with you at some point. There are three parenting styles.Authoritarian parenting style: This style is characterized by high levels of control and low levels of nurturing by the parent. Parents expect children to unquestioningly obey rules and respect adults. These parents might express little affection, empathy, or support for their children.Permissive parenting style: This style is characterized by moderate to high levels of nurturing, but little control of children’s behavior. Creativity and freedom are valued. Rules and demands are few. Permissive parents don’t want to quash their children’s spirt as long as they are safe.Authoritative parenting style: This style is characterized by firm control balanced with ample nurturing. These parents set and enforce high standards for their children, but they explain why certain behaviors are better or worse using facts and reason. They are more likely to reward positive behavior than punish negative behavior. [1] First, write about the parenting style(s) that were used on you when you were growing up. Feel free to focus on the main style used, or discuss how different styles were used at different times, or by different parents. Feel free to write about just one parent, or more than one. Give examples.[2] Second, write about how you feel those styles whether those styles were effective or ineffective, appropriate or inappropriate. Explain why you feel that way.[3] Third, you need to interview one or more of the parents in your life. Or, if that is not possible, interview any other person in your life who has been a parent for several years (not just a new parent of a new baby). As part of your interview, explain the three parenting styles, or let the other person read the descriptions above. Ask your partner to explain which style they think they used with you, or which style they think they use(d) with their own kids. And finally, ask them if they wish they had used a different style in any ways. Write about what your partner said. [4] Fourth, write about your overall impression and experience with this assignment. Did you find it to be helpful or hurtful? Do you feel you learned anything about your own upbringing or about parenting in general? This Reflection should typically be written in 600-1000 words.
Requirements: 600 – 1000 words   |   .doc file

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