Hello, this is an interpretation paper about Marionettes, Inc. I attached the st

Hello, this is an interpretation paper about Marionettes, Inc. I attached the story below. My professor posted about the requirements for this paper two different times. I’ll separate them below. Let me know if you need any help.
This is the first set of instructions
The Interpretation Essay on “Marionettes, Inc.”
your essay must have three main parts: the summary of the story itself, your explanation of what you think the underlying message of the story is, and then your evaluation of that message.
The total word count must be at least 800 words.
You must have a two-tiered title, and you must quote from the story at least twice.
At the end, provide a word-count statement. Be sure to mention the complete name of the short story and the full name of the author in your paper.
Since this is a famous story that is easily accessed from the Internet, this mention of the name of the story and of the name of the author will serve as the paper’s Work Cited page.
Second set
*Backstory* “Programmed for Love” is the last story I wrote a critique about.
Differences between a Critique (as a Level-1 Critique) and an Interpretation (as a Level-2 Critique
A little confusing, I know (see the title above), but here’s my point. The essay for “Programmed for Love” involved a summary section and an evaluation section. We called this a “critique”. The essay that you will write now, for “Marionettes, Inc.” will also involve a summary section and an evaluation section, so it, too, can be viewed as a type of critique.
But the difference is this. The story “Marionettes, Inc.” actually has two layers to it. There’s the literal story, which you will have to recap (pretend that the readers of your essay haven’t read the story, so you’ll have to bring them up to speed on the basic plot of the story). And then there’s the figurative meaning behind the story, which you’ll have to recap as well. This is where you will express what you think Ray Bradbury is really trying to say in his story.
So for this essay, the first half of the essay will involve a literal summary, and then it will involve an interpretation (or your recap of what you see as the “real” message to the story). The essay on “Programmed for Love” did not have this interpretation section. So for this reason, we can call the essay for “Programmed for Love” a level-1 critique, and since the essay for “Marionettes, Inc.” involves an extra section, the interpretation section, we can call this type of essay a level-2 critique. Both are critiques, but one type has an extra part.

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