Question: 10 – 15 pages (Including Appendix) final report for the SMART Capstone

10 – 15 pages (Including Appendix) final report for the SMART Capstone Project on “Empowerment of Tradeshow Badge Scanner Software towards CRM”.
The company that we worked with is called Digitalic Innovation. Please also make a research about this company to write the introduction.
1. Please read the attachment “My Project Charter – Digitalic Innovations” to find the overview of the project, my assigned job duties, in-scope, and out-of-scope”.
2. Please read the weekly report from week 1 to week 7 to understand the whole project overview, and what I have done for the 7 weeks.
3. Please find the file called “Week 1 – 7 Presentation – Digitalic Innovation” as the PowerPoint that I presented to the client over the projects.
4. Please find the attachment called “How to Write Report” and “Project Proposal Writing” as the guideline for finishing the report.
5. Link of Sample Report: (Please review as the reference)
6. Please find the zip file called “Tradeshow Application” to understand the project that I am working for, and the overview of the tradeshow badge scanner app”.
7. Please fine the attachment for the Key Driver Analysis and Key Factors that had done for the 5 industries.
8. 10 – 15 pages (Including Appendix) 
9. Needs to include peer-reviewed articles and support reference.
10. Need both word report and the final presentation (PPT) based on the report.

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