I chose to focus on strength to continue to grow Serco as a global company. One

I chose to focus on strength to continue to grow Serco as a global company. One of the biggest strengths that the company has is its ability to operate in 20 different countries and employ over 50,000 people. To build off of a strength that was already in place, I also incorporated a weakness that could be addressed at the same time. Since the company operates on such a large scale and in some underdeveloped areas they could use this to their advantage. By contributing a little time, resources, and money to the local economies addressing some serious issues such as jobs, healthcare, and famine they could make a long-term impact. This would ultimately turn around some of the bad publicity they have received in the past (Knauss, 2017). This ties into my recommendation of using the bad publicity and turning it around to their advantage. By jumping in front of these issues and addressing them head-on with a plan of action they could turn the publicity to their advantage. A perfect example of this would be Robert Smith, the director of Assurance at Serco. Mr. Smith has been tasked with tackling some of the bad publicity that Serco has faced in the past. His expertise aligns with the company vision which is to “build and sustain a strong organisational culture that reduces reputational risk, and better protects the business” (Kline, 2020). of the opportunities that I addressed that Serco was missing out on was the smaller businesses that they could benefit from. Serco is heavily involved in government contracts and subsidiaries providing services for local and state agencies in whatever country they operate in. This can include services such as IT development, HR management, database management, detainee operations, and office supplies. Obviously, detainee operation would not apply to the majority but many of their other services could be applied to smaller businesses opening up a new market to Serco. Compass Group is a top competitor that provides food and beverage resources to the same government agencies but has also started to venture out to smaller businesses that are generating a large profit for them and Serco is missing out on.
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