Note all survey questions were on a scale of 1 to 4 (1=Strongly Agree, 2 =Agree,

Note all survey questions were on a scale of 1 to 4 (1=Strongly Agree, 2 =Agree, 3 =Disagree and 4= Strongly Disagree). See the attached Employee Satisfaction Survey file.
Please make sure that APA formatting is used in displaying graphs /tables.
APA format Guidelines are :
· The left margin must be 1.25 inches, and the top, bottom and right margins must be 1.0 inches.
· You should use 8.5x 11-inch paper.
· Tables/Graphs formatting should follow the guideline below:
1. Numbering: Each table/graph is preceded by the capitalized word “table” “Graph” followed by an Arabic number (e.g., Table 1, Table 2, Table 3). The number given to a table/graph is determined by the order in which that table/graph is referred to in the text (i.e., the first table/graph discussed is Table 1/Graph1, the second is Table 2, and so on). Capitalize “TABLE/GRAPH” and do not bold or italicize the text.
2. Titling: Each table/Graph has a unique title written directly below the table/graph number. Titles should be brief yet descriptive. Capitalize each major word in the title (but not of, on, in, and, etc.). Italicize titles. Don’t put a period. Example: Mean Performance Scores of Students With Different College Majors
3. Spacing: Tables in the new 6th edition APA format can be double-spaced or single-spaced with readability as the primary consideration. Spacing should be consistent throughout the table.
4. Ruling: Put lines in a table only when they are necessary for clarity. Horizontal lines are permissible; vertical lines are not.
5. Font: Use a serif font Times Roman or Courier for text and tables. Serif means that there are short lines at the ends of the strokes of letters. Example: This is written in serif font. This is sans serif font.
Underline your answers
Make sure the file name on the answer document correct i.e. Last_name_First_name_initial_Course#_Assignment description_Date
Files attached:
The first file simply gives you a copy of the survey that was used to collect the data for the assignment. It is not required for doing the assignment.
1. Employee Satisfaction Survey.doc Download Employee Satisfaction Survey.doc
The file below has all the data summaries and assignment questions.
M6 Assignment Questions-1.docx Download M6 Assignment Questions-1.docx

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