Your paper will be worth 100 points. Page 1: Title Page 5pts Running header (le

Your paper will be worth 100 points.
Page 1: Title Page 5pts
Running header (left hand side)
Page # (Upper Right corner)
Title to describe project, your name, institution/school, course (PSYC 2)
See textbook or online sources for example
Page 2: Abstract 5pts
Brief summary of paper DO NOT write until paper is done approx. 150-250 words
Page 3: Introduction 25pts
The title of your introduction is NOT “Introduction.” Copy the title of your paper to be centered at the top. The following sections must appear in the paper:
Hook paragraph – can include descriptive stats, frequency claims, real world claims, reference theories, definitions, describe research question as a societal problem
Literature review – must include minimum 3 empirical journal articles (more is welcome), describe/summarize study in its own paragraph, past tense, topic sentences, hypotheses, methods, and results of the studies, analyze how this relates to your topic, third person, concluding sentence to sum up, please look at the studies you used in your annotated bibliography
Hypothesis paragraph – Should start with a statement similar to “The purpose of this current study is to…” Outlines your hypothesis, predictions, and the theoretical implication of your study, How does your hypothesis relate to what is known about this topic, what helped guide you to your hypothesis?
DO NOT forget citations.
Methods 15pts: Please use second and third level headings in this section. SEE examples papers in textbook/manual
Participants – paragraph describing the demographic characteristics, please include descriptive stats, define sampling method (convenience sample), define population, sample size, any other unique characteristics about the population
Measures/Materials – describes all the instruments used to measure your variables (surveys, tests, etc), each should be included separate paragraphs, please include any relevant info to describe your survey in detail, including validity, reliability
Procedure – describe step by step how you collected your data, paper and pen? Online survey? How long did it take? Did your participants receive compensation?
Results 10pts: Write a paragraph to describe what inferential statistic you used and why; includes inferential and descriptive stats, discuss significance, etc.
Discussion 25pts
Review/rewrite –  restate your hypothesis, results (you do not have to include #s just the significance), compare and contrast your literature review, bring back old citations and/or add in new possible new ones, it is ok if the data does not support your hypothesis
Explain why your variables go together –  possible third variables, confounding variables, theories, biopsychosocial model
Strengths – Limitations (advantages & disadvantages) – The sampling method (convenience sampling, no random assignment), how could you make the study better in the future, suggest future research
Future research 2-3 paragraph: can be a simple experimental (BUT true experiment), 2 groups, explain the manipulation of the Independent Variable, measurement of DV, random assignment, manipulation check. Use textbook experimental design chapters
Practical implications – why this important outside of research? Who would want to know?
Generalize results – who does this study apply to? In real life → same behavior? If you do not find significant results, cannot generalize results.
References Page 5pts
Figure Page 5pts: Your scatterplot for correlation or bar-graph for t-test displaying your data
Overall following APA style format (6TH or 7th edition): 5 points

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