You will view a movie of your choice and write a 5-6 page, 12-pt Times New Roman

You will view a movie of your choice and write a 5-6 page, 12-pt Times New Roman or Courier New font, double-spaced typed, detailed paper that applies interpersonal communication concepts learned in the course to situations revealed in the movie. In this paper, you will discuss what you’ve read in your textbook and what we’ve talked about in class in relation to your film. Do not give the story plot, but demonstrate your understanding of interpersonal communication, relationships, and concepts of the film. You will need to refer to situations in the film to guide your discussion of interpersonal theory, but realize that I’m looking for an analysis paper of interpersonal communication from the film, not a film review. The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to identify interpersonal communication concepts and provide a detailed analysis of those concepts and how they are demonstrated in the film. You can also add an analysis of how communication could have been improved and what might have occurred if certain behavior demonstrated in the film had continued rather than stopped or stopped rather than continued. You are encouraged to concisely apply your own observations of life and situations to your analysis (such as situations that you have observed that are similar as one(s) revealed in the film, the similarities, and differences with the situations and how they resolved, and the analysis of both situations to the concept/theory you are applying and discussing in that section of the paper). This paper will be graded on how well it meets the above criteria, editing for direct and in-depth analysis, grammatical accuracy, expression of ideas, and synthesis of the material. The paper must be typed, double-spaced, and no less than 5 full pages (only 1-inch margins on each page).

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