This in all honesty should be a really easy paper. – *Introduction: Organization

This in all honesty should be a really easy paper. – *Introduction: Organizational Description. 2-3 paragraphs: A clear and coherent description of the organization for which you interned or worked, including its official mission, organizational/supervising structure, staffing, and services provided. * Part I: The role of the intern/job. One to two pages: Describe the intern’s role within the organization. Summarize: what were your responsibilities? How did you contribute to the organization’s operations and goals? Did your role or responsibilities change? What key problems did you encounter, and how did you solve them? * Part II: Agency analysis 1-2 pages: An analysis of the agency’s cultural, social, criminological or political function — and/or an analysis of issues related to your experience. The purpose here is to go beyond description to give depth and a broader perspective to your experience. What cultural, social, or political forces does the agency respond to? How effectively does it do so and how do you know (in other words, is there “evidence” of success)? *Part III: Personal evaluation 1-2 page An evaluation of your experience. Include an evaluation of yourself (strengths and weaknesses). What were your goals for this internship? Did you meet them? Was the internship satisfying? What did you learn? Evaluate the internship as an educational/ professional experience. *Conclusion: ½ to 1 page: Discuss how your experience has modified or confirmed your ideas and plans for a career. – I worked for SCORES REENTRY, which is the organization that should be written about. Scores reentry, is a non profit organization that helped people that that were incarcerated, and are attempting to get their life back on track. they would help them out in anyways that they can. They have frequent food and clothing drives, as well as find ways to get funded which is one of the struggles, but often gets done. I had a client through scores reentry, who was incarcerated, and was a recovering drug addict. With the help of scores reentry, we were able to find him a job at tmobile, we were able to get him his license unsuspended, and he is now doing well. Aside from that, any other information can essentially be made up. I will attach all my journals that can be used for this paper.

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