This book reaction is worth 50 points and is over part 3 of the Partridge book..

This book reaction is worth 50 points and is over part 3 of the Partridge book.. A book reaction will be written over each of the three parts of the supplemental Partridge text. Students will write about the compelling items within the book and tie it back into what has been learned in the course. Make sure to label each of the ‘compelling items.’ Feel free to agree or disagree with what was presented in the books, but make sure to support your argument with information from the course, book, textbook, or personal experience. Please keep in mind, you should not treat this book reaction in a silo fashion. You are expected to pull from course materials in order to support and build your arguments. Your submission should consist of minimal quotations and should instead utilize paraphrasing unless a quotation is deemed absolutely necessary. The book reactions should be a Microsoft Word document that is 3-5 pages (writing should run onto page four) double spaced with 1” margins, Times New Roman 12-point font. Points will be deducted for incorrect formatting and grammatical errors. Long headers at the beginning of the submission will NOT count towards your page length. Your submissions will also be run through TurnItIn. Any submission over 25% on a similarity score will be considered plagiarism. This will result in a minimum of a zero on the assignment. Failure in the course or university action are also a possibility.

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