the essay should be 280 words, the equivalent of 1 typed page in Times New Roman

the essay should be 280 words, the equivalent of 1 typed page in Times New Roman size 12 font double-spaced (in other words, short and direct). The essay will consider the 2 uploaded articles and how they connect to the discussion article, the lectures, and course themes. The Initial Post should address the following five items:1. The essay should identify the historical significance of the individual primary sources. Why exactly do you think these documents still matter decades or centuries after they were created? Please note, summarizing the source does not equal describing its significance. Excessive summarization will be penalized. 2. The essay should then consider how the documents connect to each other. I choose the primary sources to reflect different sides in a debate over a major issue touched upon in the corresponding lecture. What is the common issue(s) and how do the sources agree or disagree with each other? Be sure to cite specific examples. 3. The essay should next address how these 2 uploaded sources connect to the unit discussion article. The unit discussion article reflects a current scholarly debate on how we should understand and interpret the past. How do the article’s arguments connect with the primary sources say? Do the sources and the article agree with or contradict each other? Be sure to cite specific examples. 4. The essay should reflect on how the primary sources and the discussion article connect to the course’s three themes of identity, interaction, and inclusion . What do the documents tell us about how Americans grappled with these issues throughout the country’s history and how might that inform similar present-day debate?5. Finally, students may conclude their essay with their own commentary on the readings. Were the arguments persuasive? Did the readings alter your understanding of American history/present-day society? Are there other viewpoints or issues you would have liked to see addressed or that you believe warrant further historical study? Be specific (don’t just say “I liked the readings”). ps: I have uploaded the 2 articles that you are supposed to read, please follow the instructions above, I need it in 10 hours, please . and cite these 2 sources I have uploaded. thank you

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