Structure of a personal statement, no more than 4000 characters. The possibilit

Structure of a personal statement, no more than 4000 characters.
The possibilities of biotechnology first intrigued me when I watched the movie ‘The Martian’. Mark Watney growing potatoes on Mars may sound like an absurd, unrealistic idea but it opened my eyes into the endless possibilities of biology and how our lives would be so much easier with the understanding of our biological resources. I would like to expand my knowledge in all fields related to biology such as molecular biology, genetics, and evolution. Moreover, applying these topics to real-world situations and issues is the most exciting part of the course and I am very much looking forward to it.
My inspiration comes from seeing scientists, especially female scientists like Sarah Gilbert and Jennifer Doudna doing groundbreaking research and excelling in fields otherwise wouldn’t have been accessible to me.
Being the granddaughter of two farmers I was lucky enough to learn about the new and much more efficient way biotechnology has helped many people in the field of agriculture whether it’s high yielding seeds or fertilizers, they all contributed to my early interest in biotechnology.
It was so fascinating to learn about the use of heparin as an anticoagulant in the treatment of coagulation disorders in extracorporeal therapies like dialysis, during my work experience at the nephrology department at the local hospital. Like mRNA vaccines was just an idea a decade ago, now it’s playing the most important part in the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic. While I very much enjoyed learning about ATP synthesis in mitochondria and such in a level of biology, I wish to broaden my knowledge and gain the necessary skills that would enable me to apply this knowledge to a problem solving level. I believe the skills I’ve gained doing chemistry practicals and titration calculations, for example, is an advantage that would prove useful when completing lab work. Studying A Level English Literature has changed my way of thinking from being straightforward to being able to see the different interpretations and has honed my critical thinking skills which I believe would be useful for me in almost all fields of my career. A’ level of Chemistry has developed my essential knowledge and understanding of different areas of chemistry, specifically organic chemistry which is an advantage while learning about biological molecules.
I believe the good interpersonal and communication skills I’ve acquired from volunteering at a local charity shop and a care home would be a vital and necessary skill in a career in biotechnology. I have good organisational skills from organising book clubs and arranging books all while being a library prefect at my school which I believe will also be valuable skills in my future career.
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