Revise paper for add :Include a pro1t and loss forecast and a cash “ow forecast

Revise paper for add :Include a pro1t and loss forecast and a cash “ow forecast in the appendix and summarise them here.
These forecasts should cover the 1rst two years of the business’ trading. Your cash “ow forecast for
year 1 should be broken down into months. The cash “ow forecast for year 2 can be broken down
into quarters. If you have nega    ve cash “ow at any point, you need to explain how you will make
sure you can pay your bills (using an overdraB facility etc.). Your 1nancial data should be supported
by research where possible (for example, cost drivers in industry reports, 1nancial informa    on from
compe    tors, suppliers’ prices, compe    tors’ prices, job adverts online (for salaries)) and any
assump    ons you make should be noted.
Explain your start-up costs. Include a table of these in the appendix, with references where possible
and with any assump    ons explained. Then summarise the start-up costs here in the main body of
your assignment. Explain how much investment you are seeking. Also explain what type of
investment you are seeking (business angel, crowdfunding etc.), why that type of investment is
suitable, and what you will spend the investment on. What will the investor get in return for their
investment (for example, equity)?

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