position paper on ″Why to be against a universal basic income″. you should do th

position paper on ″Why to be against a universal basic income″. you should do three things: explain the policy issue, persuade
the reader that your policy preference should be adopted, and also explain to the reader what
would need to take place for your policy preference to be adopted. This particular component
is expected to be 2-4 pages, and it should utilize at least four reputable sources. This should be
followed with a reflection of approximately one page. Please tell me what you learned about
the issue, what your current position is, whether it changed, and any other reflections you have
about this specific assignment. The paper can be written in any accepted style of your choosing
(MLA, APA, etc…).
You will be graded on the following:
 Quality of your sources
 The clarity of your writing to include using correct grammar
 Your ability to use evidence to persuade readers to your particular policy position
 Your understanding of the major components of the issues
 Your ability to correctly utilize whichever style you’ve chosen for your paper
These sources should come from reputable places. For example, citing judicial opinions,
public opinion polls (Gallup, Rasmussen, etc…), specific pieces of legislation, research
studies, or government statistics are acceptable. Other forms are acceptable as well, but
use your best judgment. Here are places where some of these sources can be found.
Research studies – Can be found through your library in scholarly journals or online
(Think tanks also develop research, but know that it can be partisan.
https://www.usa.gov/statistics – Government Statistics (Check individual governmental
agencies and departments for in-depth studies.)
Some examples of unacceptable sources: blogs, opinion articles, Wikipedia, personal
webpages, etc…

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