Objective: The final assignment for this course is to produce a major research p

Objective: The final assignment for this course is to produce a major research paper, on a topic of Canadian foreign policy that is of interest to you. You may explore any facet, either historical or present day, however I would avoid really recent events (i.e. fall of Afghanistan). You won’t have the journal articles and monographs necessary to write an entire paper on very recent topics. Once you have chosen a topic, research it broadly and work towards formulating your argument. A series of “research questions” may help you in this regard – what do you know about the topic, what are your initial conclusions, what are you looking to learn? All successful research papers will have a solid thesis that outlines the argument that you are making, followed by the major points that will be used to prove the argument. It is important that you engage with a diversity of sources (minimum 10 books/journal articles – no websites), and that you not rely too heavily on any one source. Avoid paragraphs that all carry the same citation. Your paper should show evidence of critical though, application of foreign policy foundations and theories, as well as in-depth analysis. Please make sure that you are not just regurgitating others’ arguments, but rather synthesizing existing scholarship to formulate your own analysis. A Note On Citations and References: You are expected to follow the Author-Date citation format outlined by the APSA. If there is a page number, your in-text citation can just include the last name and page, whereas if there is no page number you can use the year. You will need both in-text citations, as well as a “Works Consulted” at the end of your assignment.

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