Learning Goal: I’m working on a macro economics multi-part question and need an

Learning Goal: I’m working on a macro economics multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.ANSWER EACH QUESTION IN PARAGRAPH FORM OR AS INSTRUCTEDChapter 13Chapter 13″The technological change eliminates thousands of jobs every year. Unless something is done to slow the growth of technology. ordinary workers will face the bleak future of low wages and high unemployment.” Explain if you agree or disagree with that sentence.Chapter 14Chapter 14How would the following changes influence the rate of investment in the United States?1. an increase in the share of the population in age groups with a high saving rate2. improved investment opportunities in EuropePlease answer the following question (300- 400 words) As we saw in chapter 11, labor productivity is a very important indicator for the economy. Many economists argue that U.S. workplaces have been, and will continue to be, automated and transformed by information technology (IT) capital (Accemoglu & Restrepo 2018, 2019, 2020). Can you describe those conditions and think how information technology might affect the economy? Suggested literature Acemoglu, D., & Restrepo, P. (2020). Robots and jobs: Evidence from US labor markets. Journal of Political Economy, 128(6), 2188-2244. Acemoglu, D., & Restrepo, P. (2019). Automation and new tasks: how technology displaces and reinstates labor. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 33(2), 3-30. Acemoglu, D., & Restrepo, P. (2018). Artificial intelligence, automation and work (No. w24196). National Bureau of Economic Research.

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