In this paper, you need to design a legal travel plan for Jane Doe. Jane is 20 y

In this paper, you need to design a legal travel plan for Jane Doe. Jane is 20 years old college student with U.S citizenship. Jane will be traveling to South Africa. Jane is consulting with you regarding dos and don’ts in that country from a legal perspective. Here are the questions Jane is consulting with you: 1. Other than English, I know a little bit Spanish and German. If I need legal assistance in the country, do you know it will be easy for me to find someone can communicate with me? 2. What is the legal age of drinking and driving in this country? Are there any prohibitions I should know? 3. If I am involved with any legal matters (civil or criminal), can you walk me through the process? 4. Do I have the same rights in the country as in the U.S? Like rights to keep silence, right to appoint an attorney, etc. 5. This is my first time traveling to the country, are there any cultural norms I should follow? 6. If I got arrested, can I post bail? What is the pre-trial process? 7. Do they have a jury? Can I plea bargain? What are the things I should know during the trial process? 8. If I were convicted for the crime, can I appeal? How many chances of appeals do I have? Approach this paper following a Q&A format. For each question, you need to respond with specific information. You are to give a step-by-step plan for Jane. Therefore, in-depth research is encouraged. A simple yes or no is not a sufficient answer. Each answer should be more than 200 words. Be sure to cite all information given within your paper using APA format. APA formant should also be used in the reference section.

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