For your final project you will research three of the issues below and write a b

For your final project you will research three of the issues below and write a brief argument stating your thesis and position on each of the three you select. Write 150+ words for each of your three positions (arguments). Write three numbered paragraphs in your main post. It is very important that you back up your position on each of the three issues with evidence. View your classmates and me as the jury and your job is to use sound critical thinking techniques to convince us to agree with you. Do not make wild, bold statements you cannot support with solid facts. Simply stating your opinion is not enough. You need to provide supporting material to convince us you are right. You will then make three responses to any three of your classmates. You may comment on any one of their positions. Scoring: Your main post stating your 3 positions is worth 70 points. Each of your three replies to classmates is worth 10 points each for a total of 30 points. You have several choices for this final project discussion. Select any three. This discussion requires a three-part post with a total of 450 words or more. Number your paragraphs according to which options you select. 1 – Is history for you to like or dislike or is it for you to learn from? Why or why not? (State your position in 150+ words). 2 – Are you a cultural relativist? See video in this module. Explain why you are or are not. If you are, how would you defend the killing of Albinos in Africa (see # 8 below) or the treatment of Uighurs in China? (State your position in 150+ words). 3- What did you think about the issues discussed in the TED Talk The Danger of a Single Story? (State your position in 150+ words). 4 – Is the world overreacting to climate change or are we so far behind on this problem that weather will be the biggest story of the the 21st century? (State your position in 150+ words). 5 – What should the U.S. do to stop China from stealing our companies intellectual property? See this article for a brief summary of this issue. (State your position in 150+ words) 6 – Free speech vs. Censorship Should colleges allow speakers on campus if some students are offended by their message? Has PC culture gotten out of hand? Is it improving or harming modern society? (State your position in 150+ words). 7 – Do you support the idea in some urban areas to defund the police? Would that lead to more crime and uncivilized behavior? (State your position in 150+ words). 8 – People in Africa are hunted, killed, and cut up to be sold based on their Albinism. Discuss how superstition, a lack of critical thinking, and gullibility have created this horror. (State your position in 150+ words) 9 – Immigration and illegal entry into a country is a major issue here in the U.S. but it is also a divisive topic in other parts of the world. The issues range from from gang rape to welfare benefits. Do you think the world is becoming more “tribal” or will we see improved relations between immigrants and their new countries in the years ahead? Discuss some of the topics in the links provided as part of your post. (State your position in 150+ words). Address ANY three of the questions listed above. Since this discussion has three parts, only 150 words or so is required for each part. This will give you the required 450 word minimum. Provide a 450-word (3 x 150) minimum Discussion Board response and provide a substantive response (50-word minimum) to at least 3 peers’ discussion board responses. Anything less will result in a grade deduction.

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