DO NOT WRITE IN THE PASSIVE VOICE (MOSTLY). Study when the passive voice is appr

DO NOT WRITE IN THE PASSIVE VOICE (MOSTLY). Study when the passive voice is appropriate. DO NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES. Be sure to read all the assigned chapters about pre-writing, thesis statements, outlines, introductions, conclusions, and drafts. Narratives are true stories, so you are writing about the topic future, but this word can trigger many ideas: Maybe you could write about your future, but be sure to be descriptive and substantive. This means NO empty superlatives, generalizations, idioms, or slang. Maybe you could write about how you see the future of America, or the World; remember, no generalizations!. Maybe this word evokes a different response such as what you thought your future would be, and what it is now, or another personal experience. Remember that this is a narrative.Ch 12.1 Narration Do not use general statements that reflect philosophy; stick to your ideas, not someone else’s, and do not generalize. Writing Academically; not what you think! NO OUTSIDE SOURCES PLEASE. Review of LOGISTICS The assignment is to write an essay in MLA style MLA Page Layout of not less than 500 words, worth 5% of your final grade each. You MUST give a word count for each at the end of the paper, or the Exercise will NOT be accepted. Upload the polished document to the appropriate assignment. Each Exercise MUST be uploaded on time; Canvas will not accept late papers. Be sure to create a title for each paper (NOT “Short Narrative Essay Five: Future”); this is centered at the beginning of the text. Consult the MLA Format Example-1.docxPreview the document. Preview the document for layout and a sample of a good exercise that has a thesis, good organization, a good conclusion, correct grammar and punctuation, and is entertaining too. This will be graded according to the RUBRIC 1101.docxPreview the document.

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