Develop a comprehensive and detailed Argument that appeals to a reasonable audie

Develop a comprehensive and detailed Argument that appeals to a reasonable audience and motivates action. Support your discussion by synthesizing evidence from different sources. Write a paper of 2-3 (double-spaced) pages. In addition to the essay, you will need to include a Works Cited page that indicates the sources you have used to complete your assignment. As you integrate direct textual evidence, your analysis should solely represent your own analytical thinking.
Consider the following questions when developing your Argument:
● Purpose: How can you establish a need for taking action? What is significant and current about this issue?
● Angle: Where can you add to this conversation? How can you best appeal to ethos, logos and pathos to motivate your audience to act?
● Tone: What attitude about the issue should be clear in your writing? What words will convey this tone?
● Evidence: What specific evidence from the texts should be provided to support your claim? What evidence will effectively to develop appeals as you articulate your reasons, your counterargument(s), and your call to action?
● Contribution: What have you said that goes beyond the current conversation? How is your argument different from the ones that you researched on your topic?
● Style: How clear is the language/style/expression in your argument?
● Conclusion: What meaningful and significant action should your audience take based on your argument? What practical steps have you provided for your audience to act upon? How will taking these steps benefit your audience and the larger community?

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