compose a 1,500-word + research paper. Your primary text must be at least one of

compose a 1,500-word + research paper. Your primary text must be at least one of the texts we have read this semester. PLEASE USE “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut. As stated on the syllabus, this final project represents 25% of your grade in this course. Your paper must have a main focus and argue a thesis. Be sure to make clear in your introduction exactly what the focus of your paper is, and include as the last sentence of your introduction a thesis statement that will be argued in the body paragraphs that follow. Remember that your thesis and your paper should always be centered on the primary text. Do not go off on tangents or overgeneralize. Be a disciplined writer and maintain your focus on your specific area of inquiry. You must conduct research and incorporate a minimum of three secondary sources into your paper in addition to quotes and paraphrases from your primary text. To locate scholarly articles that have been published in peer-reviewed journals, use the subscription databases that are available to you through the college library web portal. Additional secondary sources beyond peer-reviewed articles may include other critical or scholarly biographical texts, articles in periodicals such as newspapers and magazines, and/or information obtained from reliable websites. Do not cite any .com websites unless I give prior approval. Stick to .edu, .org, and .gov websites only. You must use quotes and paraphrases from both your primary and secondary sources as evidence to support your claims, or to engage in counter arguments. Be sure to use proper MLA format throughout your paper. A separate Works Cited page in current MLA format is required.

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