Case Study: Bobby Andres, Erectile Dysfunction photo of Bobby Andres Bobby Andre

Case Study: Bobby Andres, Erectile Dysfunction photo of Bobby Andres Bobby Andres, a 48-year-old man, presents to your office with complaints of erectile dysfunction for about one year. He reports that sexual desire is present but that he has a lack of ability to achieve and maintain erection. Bobby notes that he has avoided physical affection with his wife in order to avoid the embarrassment of “not being able to perform.” He often falls asleep early so that he may avoid initiation of sexual contact. Bobby also states that he had a history of depression and anxiety, but his primary care doctor put him on sertraline and buspirone and that has taken care of those symptoms. He reports that he has been on those medications for two to three years. Questions From your perspective as Bobby’s psychiatric nurse practitioner, answer the following questions in a two- to three-page double-spaced paper (not including the reference page), in APA format. Include at least three peer-reviewed, evidence-based references. What screening tools could be used with Bobby to assess his complaints of sexual dysfunction? What labs should be ordered for Bobby? Explain the rationale for each lab. Pick one medication that could be used to help Bobby. Include brand and generic names, starting dose, tapering (if applicable), contraindications, needed lab work, and patient education. What role (if any) do sertraline and buspirone have on sexual dysfunction? Would you change these medications? Why? Explain your rationale. What referrals would you make for Bobby? Explain your rationale.

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