Brief Summary of Article (200-300 words) What was the purpose of the study? Did

Brief Summary of Article (200-300 words) What was the purpose of the study? Did the literature review provide the context for the study and is it sufficiently comprehensive? Does it include studies that might be relevant to the problem under investigation? Was the significance of the problem well established? Who were the subjects and how were they selected? Was the sample representative of an identifiable population? If not, were limitations discussed? What procedures and materials were used to carry out the study? Was the methodology the researchers used appropriate and understandable so that other researchers could replicate the study if they wished? What were the major findings reported? Did the report include a thick description that revealed how individual responded (if appropriate)? Were the hypotheses rejected? Were the researcher’s conclusions well supported by the data? Did the researchers draw reasonable implications for the theory and/or practice from their findings? Were limitations of the study acknowledged? Were there suggestions for future research? Reflection (100-200 words) What did you learn from this article? Do you agree with the information and/or author’s point of view? Why or why not? What are the implications of the article to classroom practice for teachers and other professionals? How does this article relate to topics studied in this course and to the students in this class? Include what you learned about research, about the content, and about you as a researcher. Additional comments that you may have.

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